iFix-iT Onsite Remote Support


Call us on 0800 787 444 to make a booking for a remote session today

We service and repair both PC (Windows) and Apple (Mac) computers.


Remote support is a quick affordable way to solve your computer issues - Only $19.99 per quater hour


Remote Support is available to the whole of New Zealand

How It Works:
Our RemoteSupport Applicaton creates a link between your computer and the technicians at iFix-iT Onsite so that we can work directly on your computer to fix the problem right in front of you while you watch.

Is It Safe?
Yes it sure is!

1. The "link" between your computer and iFix-iT Onsite is not a permenant link and can be stopped by you at any time

2. Our Technicians can only view your computer screen if you start the RemoteSupport Session

3. The link between your computer and iFix-iT Onsite is encrypted making the connection 100% safe and secure

To Start a RemoteSupport Session

• Call us on 0800 787 444 and make a booking time

• One of our Technicians will give you a call to start the RemoteSession

• Our Technician Will give you instructions from there

To Stop the RemoteSession

Click the "X" as per diagram below or Restart your Computer - iFix-iT Onsite will not be able to access your computer further

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